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Everyone’s favourite Shikari Shambu is running in circles with a man-eating tiger! Who will trump over whom? Find out in this episode of Shikari Shambu! A tiny turtle challenges a hippo to a tug of war! Find out who wins this battle of mismatched opponents in The Tiny Turtle.Follow The Clever Farmer as he goes about trying to retrieve his stolen bull.Ancient humans had some brilliant tricks up their sleeves to achieve the impossible. Want to read an example? Have a look at How an Elephant was Weighed.A hippo believes he is the most handsome of all animals. But do the other animals in the forest agree? Find out in Hippo Humbled.Shonar the deer is in trouble! What’s Kalia the Crow going to do now?A washerman is convinced his donkey can turn into a man! Find out why in The Dhobi and his Donkey.

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