Get the Most From Google’s Keyword Planner

Find the Keyword Planner under “Tools” at the very top of the AdWords page. On the front end, the Keyword Planner presents you with five options to begin your research:

  1. Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category. Enter a keyword or a URL, and Google will give you a whole bunch of ideas to get you started.
  2. Get search volume data and trends. If you type in any of the keywords from your existing list, Google will give you an estimate of the number of people who are searching on each of these phrases each month.
  3. Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords. This feature takes two distinct types of keyword lists and combines them into one master list. For example, you could have one list of your products and a second list of all the various colors in which your products are available.

This may seem like a clever feature, but it’s not a particularly useful one. The master list you end up with will contain scores of obscure keyword combinations that will receive little or no traffic. Google could penalize you for this by showing your ads less frequently or requiring you to bid more for your keywords.

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